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tv   [untitled]    May 23, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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the services that are provided, especially the community guides or the ambassadors in this case, which help the tourists and the people , the homeless that they need resources that they connect them to. so this is a critical service that the mid-market area and community needs, and those are my comments for this morning. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, tracy. >> good morning i'm tracy everwine with urban solutions an economic development organization that has been working in this neighborhood since 1982. i myself have worked on 6th street in particular since 2005. and i must say with all of the
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strategies that we have implemented to try to improve cleanliness and safety on the streets for the residents and the merchants, nothing has been as successful as the services provided by the central market community benefit district. with redevelopment agency funding, we had the luxury of contracting with the cmcbd to provide maintenance services on 6th street, the community guides, and regular steam cleaning and pressure washing and it was just a tremendous asset. having lost those services, you can see what a big step backwards the conditions have taken. as of late on 6th street, so we are very much in support of renewing and expanding this community benefit district. and we really look forward to getting the services back. thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, catherine. >> good morning, my name is catherine barnett and i was shocked by the disarray of the condition of the streets and as a concerned resident i became involved in the cbd, now serving on the board and executive committee. every month we go through stacks of documentation of all the graffiti that they have cleaned up, the homeless people that they have gotten into services. at some points even saving them from suicide. they are really, really great and they have the smiling faces. we also work on getting the area of arts and cultural center, so we have all kinds of programs of the arts in the
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street and the ballet and theater district and getting performances happening and greening the park, little parklets. as a tenant in the area, i am all for the cdc. they have really done great work. thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker we'll have brian smith followed by ralph lee. richard lewis perry. robin anderson. and nick berg. >> hi, thank you board, i am brian smith, the owner of blackberry bicycles on 6th and we opened a little over a year ago. we have been very successful and i don't think we could have done it without the foundation laid by the cm cbd over the last years. it's really critical for my now nine employees and thousands of
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customers to feel safe and comfortable coming to the neighborhood and coming into my bicycle shop and getting on an expensive bike and riding it around the neighborhood. i really strongly support the renewal of the cm. cbd and i think that the people such as myself who have invested in the neighborhood and the people who live in the neighborhood and the thousands of people moving to this neighborhood, and investing in the future in this neighborhood, will be way worse off if the cm. cbd is not allowed to renew and continue the work that they have already done. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, ralph lee, next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. my name is ralph lee, the general manager for the hotel whitcom, a hotel with 160 rooms and i am speaking on behalf of
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the renewal and expanse of the cbd. the hotel has $2 million in transient occupation tax that goes to the city. if we can continue to keep the streets clean and safe, and that revenue can be further enhanced. i just want to speak on behalf that we must continue to renew the central market cbd and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak. >> thank you very much. richard lewis perry, robin anderson and nick berg. >> hi i am richard louse perry a fine artist and also representing the odd fellows and the odd fellows have been here in this area for over 150 years and i had my studio there the last 20 years plus and i
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the chance to oversee the corner of 6th and market and what is going on and i have to say there has been quite a bit of improvement going on there. i have a letter on the wall of my office in my studio from dianne feinstein, telling us that the streets would be taken care of and since then it's becoming slowly improved. i have to say within the last 20 years, the blighted area that exist there had, for whatever reasons, which are many, i think a lot of is attributed to the bart construction -- slowly is in transition. there were times when i had shows at my studio for fundraisers and i couldn't get people to come over because the neighborhood was so crazy and nuts. now, there is a lot of improvements going on. you can see that many of the
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buildings there are being boarded-up for renovation and i think right now it's probably one of the most important times to have the cbd continue. because while they are in transition, and while all of this is going on, there is quite a bit of boarded-up buildings and more activity that is happening there. so these people that are helping out the cbd people who are helping clean the neighborhood are very, very important. i had a couple of murals i put up that were graffitied and they drom cro back and clean them up. if we have a graffiti on the art fellows building, they come right over and clean it up. they have been very helpful in the arts programs. they have done their 24 days of art, and participated in and also the palate in the plaza and supported. so they have been a very good contribution to the neighborhood and i support them whole-heartedly. thank you. >> thank you.
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robin anderson. >> good morning. my name is robin anderson and i'm with alonzo dance center and we're tenants in the odd fellow building and our organization is a 30-year-old organization in the city. we have had a very important partnership with the central market community benefit district since its beginning. we partnered with them to at activate programs and as far as the expansion, we find it extremery important and particularly in the expansion of the guide hours. we serve over 300 student a day that come into our space and 4,000 students a year, because we have 80 drop-in classes, where students can choose every time they come for class to come or not come and we found that a
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lot are not comfortable coming to the neighborhood after 7:00 p.m. so that would be quite instrumental in changing our business. as a member of the steering committee for the renewal and expansion of the central market cbd, we are very supportive of this. thank you. >> thank you. nick berg. >> my name is nick berg, the general manager of the soma grand. we have approximately 246 residential condominiums. we are very supportive of not just the renewal, but the expansion. currently we are just outside of the central market boundaries and this expansion will include us. our residents have obviously invested a lot to live in central market. they have a vital interest in not just cleanliness, but safety in the neighborhood. so i just wanted to express my support for the expansion.
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>> thank you very much. now i have no other cards. are there any other persons who would like to speak? fantastic, why don't you come up? >> yes. i am jim chapel and as an urban planner i have worked in central market for 30 years. and 7 years ago, things began to change, and i think you have all seen a great deal of change and i have to say a lot of the credit goes to the central market community benefit district and the work that they have done. for the last year i have had the privilege of welcoming on the mjm management team and working with the steering committee and the one thing that i want to say that i don't think has been said yet is how wonderful cbds are for community development and community building. and i think you can see from the diversity of the people here today, who have spoken in
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favor of the expansion and renewal, that this has been a wonderful experience for many people and will continue to only make the neighborhood better. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, we're on 6th street between market and mission and we just opened about 8-9 months ago and doing business on 6th street is very challenging, especially for our guests. because they are concerned about safety and cleanliness on 6th street, when we operate the business and we always find people going through the trash bins and trashing the sidewalks. and safety issues, and i feel like this the central market
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cbd will definitely help improve that situation and i'm also on the board of the central market cdc as a merchant board member and also on the expansion steering committee. i would strongly encourage you to vote in favor of the new expansion. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning supervisors, my name is douglas. and i would like to oppose this resolution on a technicality. it says, "government audit and oversight committee." in my opinion the items on today's agenda have been misplaced deliberately onto this committee. i do not think this committee is being used correctly and i feel this item, resolution of intention does not fit into the proper guidelines of audit and
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oversight and i feel this item should have been heard properly in other city committees and i think you know which ones should be. if you would like some suggestions for your workload, i get the impression you don't have a workload, so why don't you consider what is going on in the school district? that should have been found out a lo long time ago and when you have over 200 felonies being charged. that is important. secondly, how about the department of health? why didn't there any statement about how much pornography exists inside the computer programs? please start with san francisco general hospital and i assure you will find some. thirdly, there is nothing to be said about muni. everybody knows about it, the system is about to fall apart and government audit and oversight, have you had a meeting on muni lately? and
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lastly, district 7, the water pipes how much money is that going to cost? i am just waiting for the next pipe to explode, maybe in the district 4 or the other districts, just waiting for that to happen. where is the oversight? there is no meeting on the agenda. so i feel that today's three items are incorrectly placed and legally can be challenged to be heard here. thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi. my name is michael k nulte -- i wanted to read lay letter. supporting the expanse of the central market community benefit district to provide additional services until may, 2028. since 2006 the central market cbd has funded and facilitated
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an array of activities that have made our central market neighborhood a cleaner, safer and more welcoming place for everyone. the alliance for a better district 6 membership has participated in all levels of interaction with the current central market cbd programs and activities and look forward in working with future established programs that enhance the safety and cleanliness within the new central market cbd boundaries. we are excited to ensure that the cbd continues to provide the same valuable services to our community just as we have witnessed over the last six years and this is written by our board president dean clark. and i also want to add that i am on the steering committee of the central market cbd and i was also on the first steering committee that established it in 2006.
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and we are -- as community members and community-based organization, we feel it's needed to have more cleanliness and safe in your community. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good morning, my name is jacqueline and i am here representing counterpulse, a performing arts venue on mission street that currently falls right outside of the central market cbd and we're in full support of the expansion and renewal of the cbd. we feel it would help keep our patrons coming to the venue, since most of our shows start after 8:00. so mainly we support it to help keep the neighborhood and community safe and clean. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public who would like to speak on item no. 1? okay seeing none, public comment is closed [ gavel ] colleagues, do you have any comments that you would like to? supervisor campos? >> i want to thank everybody
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for their communities and i am happy to support this and i make a motion to move this item forward with recommendation. >> thank you, a motion made and seconded. without objection, motion passes. madame clerk could you please read item no. 2. >> item no. 2 resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to establish a property-based business improvement district community benefit district to be known with the top of broadway community benefit district. >> thank you of we have board president david chiu. >> thank you, madame chair and thank you colleagues for your consideration of the item. i am really excited to be here today to move forward, hopefully a resolution to enable the formation of a new community benefit district in district 3 the top of broadway cbd. as i think many of you know, there is a short stretch of
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broadway that have challenges. these conditions have sadly often kept many san franciscans from thinking of broadway as a destination. for the last few years i really want to thank a number of businesses, residents, neighbors and property owners who have been working together on a number of fronts, on public safety to better think about how to market the corridor and to think about how to clean and beautify the corridor and in particular, we have been working on this plan that is part of this resolution. a number of years ago, before i joined the board of supervisors, there was an attempt to pass a similar proposal, but unfortunately by a very, very narrow margin it did not pass and it's my hope that the proposal we have in front of us, providing services and [pw-eufts/]s to residents in the district that go above
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and beyond the current levels of the city to provide sidewalk beautification, economic development and marketing activities, i very much hope we can move forward on this and i want to close again by thanking members of the community who are here and who are not here, and who have been working hard on these issues and reiterate my strong support for this. i do look forward to the continued conversation that we will have both today and in the coming weeks and i very much hope that we will be successful in the election that we anticipate will happen early next month. with that i would like to invite lisa pagon from the office of workforce and economic development. thank you. >> supervisors, thank you, thank you supervisor chiu for sponsoring this legislation and for working with the community over the years to organize
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themselves. they have done a tremendous job on a voluntary level providing supplemental services in their community and they have worked very hard to get to the place where they are at today. the steering committee for the top of broadway community benefit district, that is proposed, has submitted to the board of supervisors petitions representing 33.19% weighted support in favor of establishing the top of broadway cbd. and the proposed district has approximately 39 parcels. and the district starts on columbus avenue, at grant and fresno on the eastside of columbus to pacific. it goes along tierney and stressed from broadway to montgomery. the specific parcels can be
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seen the district plan. the proposed budget is $106,567. 99% of the budget could come from property-based assessments. with that said, above and beyond the annual assessment budget a donation of $100,000 for year for the first two years has been offered if the cbd is established from a business located within the top of broadway boundaries. the intent of this is to supplement the cbd's budget to provide additional security, marketing and economic development and administrative services. the first two years when a significant investment is needed to get the cbd off on the right foot. as supervisor chiu mentioned the proposed services will include a variety -- including sidewalk maintenance and beautification and greening and that comprises about 25% of
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the proposed annual cbd budget. district identity, which is marketing and economic development and assistance to businesses, that represents 42% of the cbd's annual budget and then administration of the district, overseeing all of these services, represents 30% of the annual budget of $106,567. if the proposed resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to establish the top of broadway community benefit district is approved, the department of elections will mail out ballots to all parcel owners within the proposed expanded boundaries on or near june 7th. the resolution of intention on july 23rd a ballot hearing would occur or as soon as possible, where ballots would be counted, and if the required property owner vote threshold is met on july 23rd, the board of supervisors could vote to establish the renewed district at that time.
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excuse, not the renewed district, but to establish the proposed district. if approved the district will begin collecting assessments as of -- it would go -- the collection year starts july 1st and the assessments would be put on the property tax bills that go out in fall of this year and the term that is proposed 8 years for the district. so assessments will be collected for eight years and services will be provided for eight years to the parcels within the district. if you have any other further questions i would be happy to answer them and there is also members of the proposed district here to answer other questions that you may have. >> call public comment. >> okay. let's take public comment on this item. if you are interested in public comment, you have two minutes. come on up to the podium. thank you.
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>> i feel like a political fly. this is the second time i have been here in two weeks. before i make any comments i want to say congratulations to carrying the bid for super bowl 50. you guys did a great job. congratulations to the city of san francisco. >> thank you. >> so i am the owner of bfc management and founded becca, which is the current cbd bid. david kept saying, you know, you need more community support if you want me to support you and it got really frustrating at times. and in hindsight, i am really glad he did that, because i have never seen our community quite so together. and not just the community -- not just the stakeholders, but
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the police, the da's office, everybody who has come together to make broadway a little bit better and a appreciate that. and it's been a long battle and people, you know, why do it? why push so hard? and the idea is that if my thinking if we make broadway better, we make north beach better, and if we make north beach better, we make san francisco better and i think it's worth the effort and worth the support from the board of supervisors to create this cbd. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other speakers? please come. >> hi, good morning my name is mike patrid a member of the police advisory board and resident. broadway has had a very colorful history as an entertainment area and it's often forgotten that people
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live on broadway and bordering the area. last several years residents have had to live with the consequence of several badly-run businesses that have attracted a real often dangerous element to the street on the weekends it's resulted in an environment that locals and many san franciscans really avoid on the weekends or actually all week. and it's in an area that really relies on the police to contain the free for all that is done that, that ties up police resources for the rest of the district that is suffering. as members of the community, we have been working with several businesss on broadway the last couple years and this is the real first positive sign we have seen of some progress. so we really support the cbd because they are not only working to kind of improve the current situation, but there is good long-term plans for improving the area and making
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it a thriving, entertainment-focused street with diversity that will appeal to a nish number of san franciscans and visitors. so we do support this. thank you. >> thank you. any other speakers? come on up. >> good morning supervisor my name is stephenie greenberg, president of a local resident association inclusive of the greater broadway corridor area and i'm speaking on their behalf today. i am here to give a residential perspective and voice my support and request your support for the proposed top of broadway community benefit district. i strongly believe that the proposed cbd will not only prove county of to rivitalizing the historic broadway corridor, but have a positive impact on the life of our residential community.
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branding efforts are essential to our goal of a prosperous and vibrant corridor. the cbd will drive a number of improvements that will benefit the community, including the promotion of area business and tourism and attraction of new business to the area, which will help to reduce long-term commercial vacancis and perhaps most importantly we foresee a reduction in crime, which has long plagued the community, by making the corridor more attractive to businesses and less attractive to criminals. by bolstering the community's identity and advocating it's reach history. the collaboration of business owners, property owners and residents is a loud and clear signal that urshared community is ready for change. this february mayor lee announced the results of an impact analysis that valid yets the impact of cbds on their respective communities and i truly believe that top of
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broadway will be yet another example of the proven successful partnership in driving community improvement. i hope you agree that our effort to compel real and positive change on the broadway corridor is necessary and to support the top of broadway community benefit district. thank you very much. >> thank you very much next speaker, please. >> supervisor my name is stephano and i am a consultant in north beach. i just want to say when you say "community benefit district" you are also really saying benefits for the community, benefits for broadway. when this started out, and i understand supervisor chiu was kind of skeptic, because he wanted a total collaboration from the community at-large. north beach is very, very political area and it's very, very hard, a lot of people have different perspectives, different visions. but i think through the efforts
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of joe carubo, becca, bsc management u the voice of broadway, sotele, the residents who live above broadway never gave up and had meeting after meeting after meeting. in the 25 years i have been done there, i have never seen the collaborative effort that they have. so i would say this; i think it's time and i thank supervisor chiu very much for saying i need more support, i need more support, i need more support. because right now it's time. and north beach has a chance, the broadway corridor, to rebrand itself, because some of the problem operators have gone out of business. they can rebrand and they can start to attract the kind of people that they want down there now and this window of opportunity is right now. so i want to thank supervisor chiu and all the collaborative efforts from the community